Geriatric Dentistry 


In elderly populations, the pattern of use of dental services and the need and demand for dental treatment is clearly different from that of younger populations.

Our team is well experienced to take care of dental needs of the aging and elderly population. Aging comes with its own challenges. Systemic diseases manifesting themselves with age, psychological wellbeing, nutrition are all important considerations for successful treatment outcomes.

A careful history and clinical examination of the elderly patient are essential in attempting to clarify patient’s demand and need for prosthetic treatment.

Missing teeth replacement options for elderly:

1. Conventional Complete Dentures: Removable upper and lower dentures.

2. Removable partial dentures may be indicated in elderly patients.

3.Overlay Dentures

4. Immediate Dentures.

Dentures can be given immediately at the time of teeth removal.

5. Dental Implants in the elderly.

Dental implants are the most advanced and safe fixed prosthetic teeth replacement option for

elderly care.