Gum Depigmention 

Gum depigmentation

What is gum/gingival pigmentation?

Gingival pigmentation is characterised by a widespread dark purplish discoloration or irregularity that forms brown, light brown, or black spots.

For a pleasant and confident smile, it is necessary to remove unattractive pigmented gingiva.The colour of Gingival is generally described as coral pink, it ranges in colour from light brownto dark brown or black.

Gingival depigmentation techniques

Gingival depigmentations have been approached in a variety of ways. Here they are:

Surgical Methods

Scalpel Surgical technique

The pigmented gingival epithelium, as well as a layer of the underlying connective tissue, is surgically removed with this approach


The use of high-frequency electrical energy in the radio transmission frequency band, which is

administered directly to tissue, is known as electrosurgery.

LASER – lasers have revolutionized the field of gum depigmentation, offering a precise, minimally invasive, and highly effective approach to enhancing smiles. With their ability to selectively target and remove excess pigmentation, lasers provide patients with a more comfortable and efficient treatment experience. laser gum depigmentation is a relatively quick and minimally invasive procedure. Patients experience minimal discomfort during the treatment, and the recovery time is significantly reduced compared to traditional methods. The non-surgical nature of the procedure also eliminates the need for sutures or stitches.

At our clinic, laser depigmentation is done with LASER therapy